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VK Rain Irrigation System Kit with Lapeta pipe for 1 Acre Area

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Key Points

Warranty details
Please report manufacturing defects within 5 days of the delivery and before using the product.
Built material
Care and maintenance
PRECAUTIONS TO BE TAKEN:- 1.Main/submain line and V.K. Rain pipe should be flushed every time before and after use. 2. V.K. Rain pipe shall be treated using 10 N HCl at a frequency of 3 months in order to clean the residual salt deposited. 3. For the installation of the V.K. Rain pipe , the minimum distance between the two crops should be 300 mm. 4. Mesh filters of 250 microns shall be used in case water is contaminated or when water is being pumped out from a pond, lake or river. 5. Permissible length of the V.K. Rain pipe with internal diameter of 40 mm shall be 45 m and permissible length of the V.K. Rain pipe with an internal diameter of 32 mm shall be 40 m. 6. Water shall be drained completely before uninstallation. 7. The system shall be dried completely before storage. The V.K. Rain pipe for use in the rain irrigation system shall be stored securely to avoid any damage from the rodents.
250 micron
Pressure required
0.75 - 1 Kg / Cm2
Crops recommended
All types of Leafy Vegetable Max Height 1-2 feet and seed germination for all crops
Product benefit
• V.K. Rain Irrigation System is a substitute option for sprinkler irrigation which sprays the same quality of water to crops. • V.K. Rain Irrigation System helps to reduce consumption of energy & water by more than 40%. • With the help of appropriate water pressure rain-pipes can spray water up to 10 to 15 feet on both sides without holes expansion. • V.K. Rain Irrigation System is UV coated on both sides. • This UV is critical as it protects the pipe for many years from the sunlight and harsh weather. • Water Droplets sizes are too small. • Low Pressure requires it to operate.
Product USP (Highlights)
• Laser Punched Holes • High-Pressure Bearing Capacity • Made with HDPE woven Fabric with UV coating
In the box accessories
Main Line Lay Flat Tube, Rain Pipe, Connector, Joiner, Endcap, Puncture Kit and accessories
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