Agrostar Poshan Suraksha Combo
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Ulala-BT Special Combo (2.5 Acre)

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Key Points

  • Products Available in Kit: UPL - ULALA - Flonicamid 50 Wg (150 Gms) x1 ; BT special (500Gms) x2
  • Extra description: We have prepared a special treatment for you to control Aphids Jassids Thrips and Whitefly this treatment has one insecticide and one crop nutrients which is Reduces reddening of cotton leaves,Improved boll size and cotton qaulity and help to uptake other nutrients. for healthy growth of the cotton crop.
  • Applicable crops: Cotton
  • Spectrum: BT special:Reduces reddening of cotton leaves,Improved boll size and cotton qaulity;Ulala: Aphids Jassids Thrips Whitefly
  • Method of application: Spray
  • Dosage: BT special:30 gm/Pump;Ulala:8 gm/Pump
  • Chemical composition: BT special:Each 500 gm BT Special Contains:Mineralized Bio available calcium:400 gm(as caco3);Biochar:15 gMin w/w;Potassium:10 g min w/w as K2CO3;mineralized bio available magnesium:10 g min;Performance enhancer and inert solubilizer:65 gm max;Ulala:Flonicamid 50%Wg