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Silikon (Silicon Fertiliser) 500 ml

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Key Points

Chemical composition
Silicon (SiO2) 23%
For spray use 1-2 ml as per stage of crop As per soil report/ petiole testing/ expert recommdations For Soil application 600ml /acre.
Method of application
Foliar Spray/Soil application
Ø SILIKONTM is known to affect plant growth, quality, photosynthesis, transpiration and enhance plant resistance to many type of stresses. Ø It will stronger the cell wall which will help to enhances resistance to bacterial and fungal diseases Ø It will help in plays major role in reducing transpiration rate which will help to reduce water losses from the plant body. Ø It has positive effect on the biomass yield under deficit irrigation. Ø Increase the protein content to reduce salinity stress. Ø It will help to reduce abiotic stress as temperatures, salinity, heavy metal and aluminium toxicity. Ø It is all round plant protector and yield enhancer.
Frequency of application
2-3 applications at 25-30 days of interval, as per requirement/recommendations
Applicable crops
All horticulture and field crops
Extra description
SILIKONTM is highly pure form of liquid silicon for plant, Silicon helps in phosphorus uptake and majorly helps in reduce plant stress. SILIKONTM will be very helpful product for high tech agriculture like Vegetables, Fruits and Floriculture.
Special Remark
1) Don’t Mix with water soluble fertiliser as it will likely cause precipitation of nutrients. 2) For optimum results supply SILIKONTM near to root zone.