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Sikander (Spiromesifen 22.9% SC) 500 ml

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Key Points

Extra description
●it a valuable tool for mite and whitefly resistance management ●Excellent persistence in activity against all developmental stages (especially eggs and nymphs) of whiteflies and mites ●New mode of action : Lipid biosynthesis inhibition (LBI) ●It also red uces female fecundity and enhances egg sterilization – Transovarian effect results into unhatched eggs ●Relatively safe to environment- Fit in IPM programme
Chemical composition
Spiromesifen 22.9% SC
Cotton - 240 ml/acre,Brinjal- 160 ml/acre,Chilli- 160 ml/acre,Tomato- 250 ml/acre,Cucumber- 240 ml/acre,Okra- 200 ml/acre,Tea- 160 ml/acre,Apple- 120 ml/acre
Method of application
Foliar spray
Cotton - White Fly, Mite Brinjal- Red Spider Mite Chilli- Chilli Yellow Mite Tomato- White Fly & Mite Cucumber- Cucumber mite Okra- Red spider mite Tea- Red Spider Mite Apple- European Red Mite & Red Spider Mite
Compatible with commonly used fungicides.
Frequency of application
Depends on pest incidence.
Applicable crops
Cotton, Brinjal, Chilli, Tomato, Cucumber, Okra, Tea and Apple
Duration of effect