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Seedling Tray 104 cups, Size: 50 mm ( Set of 50 )

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Key Points

No any warranty, manufacturing defects should be notified within 5 days from the date of delivery
No. of trays
50 trays in one set
Cup shape
Single Tray dimensions
485 x 300 millimeters
Depth of cup
35 millimeters
Lower Diameter of cup
20 millimeters
Upper Diameter of cup
32 millimeters
50 millimeters
1. A seedling-starter tray keeps precious plantlings away from excess sun, rain, and pests 2. Seedling trays facilitate the use of a wider range of herbicides and are more efficient while growing hybrid seeds which can be expensive compared to traditional ones. 3. Done properly, seedling trays cushion your seeds against fungal diseases common in the conventional method. 4. Air flow holes to allow air movement within leaves for faster drying so less disease issues.
Product usage
1. Fill the tray with soil or coco peat or Vermicompost. 2. Make a hole with a pencil in the cocopeat, 10 mm deep and place one seed in the hole and cover it with a cocopeat. 3. Sprinkle some water on coco peat barely enough to make it moist using a spray gun or spray bottle. 4. Keep the tray in the dark for some days and sprinkle water to keep it moist until germination happens. 5. Once the seed germinates, keep the tray in shade until the sapling grows till 6 cm. 6. Transfer the sapling to soil once the saplings are 6cm long.
Product USPs
1. The seedling trays made up of high quality and durable polythene material 2. The seedling tray having thickness of 50 millimeters 3. The seedling trays having 104 round sized cells and big in size 4. The Seedling trays cups having 32mm upper diameter, 20mm lower diameter and 35mm of depth 5. The seedling trays are ideal for all vegetables crops like Chilli, Tomato, Okra, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Marigold, Capsicum, Guards etc 6. These seedling trays are reusable.