RJ UPL - ULALA - Flonicamid 50 Wg (500 Gms)
Brand: UPL

Key Points

  • Chemical composition: Flonicamid 50 WG
  • Dosage: 60 gm/acre
  • Method of application: Spray
  • Spectrum: Whiteflies; Aphids; Jassids; Thrips; BPH, GLH, WBPH
  • Compatibility: Compatible with most chemicals
  • Duration of effect: 10 days
  • Frequency of application: Depends on pest incidence or severity of disease.
  • Applicable crops: Rice, Cotton
  • Extra description: Long duration control on sucking pests, 2 hours rainfast, Protects new growth also
  • Special Remark: The information provided here is for reference only. Always refer to the product labels and accompanying leaflets for complete product details and directions for use.
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