Paddy Bharosa Kit-GJ
Brand: Agrostar Poshan Suraksha Combo

Key Points

  • Extra description: We have prepared a special treatment for you to control Brown plant hopper,Green Leaf Hopper,anthracnose,alternaria leaf spot,early and late blight this treatment has one insecticide,one fungicide and one crop nutrients which is increasing the yield and To recover all micro nutrient deficiencies for healthy growth of the paddy crop.
  • Applicable crops: Paddy
  • Spectrum: Shutter:Brown plant hopper,Green Leaf Hopper;Mandoz:Anthracnose,Alternaria leaf spot,Early and late blight;Nutripro Grade 4:To recover all micro nutrient deficiencies and for healthy growth
  • Method of application: Spray
  • Dosage: Shutter:6 gm/Pump;Mandoz:35gm/Pump;Nutripro Grade 4:15 gm/Pump
  • Chemical composition: Shutter:Thiamethoxam 75%;Mandoz: Mancozeb 63% + Carbendazim 12% WP;Nutripro Grade 4:Zn 6%, Fe 4%, Mn 1%, Cu 0.5%, B 1 %, Mo 0%;