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Nutri Pro Grade-I Micronutrient 2 kg

Key Points

  • Chemical composition: Zn-5% min., Fe-2% min., Mn-1% min., Co- 0.5% min., B-1% min., Mo-0%
  • Dosage: For Field crops and vegetables: 2 kg per acre For Sugarcane and long duration crop: 4 kg per acre.
  • Method of application: Drenching, Drip and Broadcasting with other carrier
  • Spectrum: Ø Nutri Pro Grade 1 mainly drip and soil application grade. Ø It is providing all type of micronutrients to the plant Ø It improves quality of flower and fruit. Ø It helps in Amino acid production and micronutrients are important in reactions such as N fixation, Protein synthesis. Ø It helps in chlorophyll formation. Ø It will help to increase photosynthesis.
  • Frequency of application: 2-3 times depends on crop life cycle.
  • Applicable crops: All field crops and Horticulture crops
  • Extra description: 1) Nutri Pro Grade1(micronutrient mixture) requirement is in intensively cropped soil with high doses of commercial fertilizers as well as in highly leached acidic sandy soils. 2)It gives best result in calcareous and saline-alkaline soils with very soil has high in pH. 3) It is in chelated form to quick and easy form of uptake, as well as made with the consideration of few elements can bind with soil Particles.
  • Special Remark: The information offered here is for reference only and depends exclusively on soil type and climatic conditions. Always refer to product labels and accompanying leaflets for complete product details and directions for use.