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NPK 19:19:19 (TE) 25 kg

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Key Points

Chemical composition
Total Nitrogen 19% (Amide(NH2)- 10.5%, Nitrate(No3)-4%, Ammoniacal (NH4)-4.5%), Phosphorus(P2O5)-19%and Potassium (K2O)- 19%
Foliar Spray-1 kg/acre, Drip/Drenching application: - 5-10 g per liter /water Or 15-25 kg/acre, Please use as per soil test report or agri expert’s recommendations.
Method of application
Spray, Fertigation & Drenching
• A good source of nitrogen in all the three forms- Amide, Ammoniacal and nitrate forms. • Free from harmful heavy metals such as lead arsenic etc • Healthy Vegetative growth & development of Plants. • Contains NPK in equal proportion, good for balanced growth of plants.
This is generally compatible and can be mixed with commonly used pesticides, fungicides and other fertilizers except those that contain Sulphur, Calcium and Lead compounds. Avoid direct mixing into chemicals,it is always recommended to make separate water solutions and mix in sprayer water while spraying only.
Frequency of application
3 - 4 applications depending on crop growth stage and crop life.
Applicable crops
19:19:19 is a general purpose formula with a balanced nutrient ratio for All Crops.
Extra description
• Dissolves quickly in water, making it readily available for plants to absorb through their roots or foliar application. • Helps in increased branching and maintaining greenery in crop, • Enhanced plant quality with root and Shoot growth.
Special Remark
The information provided here is for reference only. Always refer to the product labels and accompanying leaflets for complete product details and directions for use.