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Key Points

For Area
1.10 Acre
Product benefit
Smart Solution for smart farmers "Netafim’s revolutionary Portable Drip Kit is the first of its kind, built with superior quality raw materials. Every component in this kit assures high durability and longer life." For irrigation of all row crop and vegetable types "It can be fully operated, depending on the water amounts per hour available to the user" "Teflon free drip line connectors for fast connection" "Customizable according to plots and crops
Portable Dript kit for 4500m2 area with submain pipe & Accesserios
Installation & Maintenance
Please Prefer Installation & Maintainace Book inside the box
Material Description
PP SCREEN FILTER 2" 20M3/HR AU-IND-1 Qty PVC FTA 63MM -6KG -IND-2 Qty STRM X 16080 2.20L/H 0.30M 1000M-3000 Qty ELBOW RING 16-1/2MTH-RING 16 + BLUE RING- 40 Qty RING END LINE 16 W/RING-40 Qty FXN PLUG 0.5" MTH+O RING -5 Qty FXN 2" 1/2" CONN 1.50M 50M IND-50 Qty FXN SW ADAPTER ISO 50/63*2" KIT -1 Qty FXN LINE END CAP 2" KIT -1 Qty TEFLONE TAPE 10 MTRS (IND)- 1 Qty RING 16 X RING 16 COUPLING FOR TW-IND-5 Qty 5 PLY CORRUG.BOX 634*538*485 F/KIT-IND-1 Qty