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Key Points

Product benefit
A Complete kit for Sprinkler Irrigation "An Innovative 3D ARM impact nozzle teamed with a flexible and lightweight piping solution to achieve excellent irrigation uniformity" "All in one-A single kit that includes all the required products to achieve high performance sprinkler system" "Kit components selected to bring high water efficiency and very high performance" "Accomplished by D-NetTM 9575 with installation spacing of 10x10 / 12x10 / 12x12 meters" "Together with the NetaStand, achieving average water distribution uniformity of 90.2 CU" "All the products, parts and accessories required for installation and operation are included in the kit together with simple assembly instructions"
Portable Sprinkler kit with Flexi Net Pipe
Installation & Maintenance
Please Prefer Installation & Maintainace Book inside the box
Material Description
FLEXNET PIPE 3" - 2.0 Kg/cm2 (50m coil)- 1 Qty, BASE NetaStand FTH 3/4"-IND- 5 Qty, NETASTAND ADAPTOR FXN 3"- 10 Qty, PLASTIC RISER 3/4" M-F TH 40CM WITH O-RING- 10 Qty, D-Net Sprinkler Nozzle 3/4"-1800LPH- 5 Qty, FLEXNET MTA 3"- 1 Qty, END CAP 3" - 1 Qty, OPEN SPANNER 10X13 MM- 1 Qty.