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Neptune Battery Spray Pump 20L (12*12) (CK-13)

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Key Points

  • Pump capacity: 20 Litres
  • Battery Type: Lead Acid, 12V 12Ah
  • Spraying capacity: Full pressure 15 Rounds per full charge and then pressure will decrease continuously
  • Nozzles: 3 types of Nozzles with washers
  • Safety Kit: No safety kit provided
  • Trigger method: On-off plastic Trigger/clutch
  • Warranty: No warranty, Missing/damaged related complaints should be notified within 5 days from the date of delivery.
  • LED Bulb: No LED Bulb provided
  • LANCE: Stainless Steel telescopic Extendable lance
  • USP: • Neptune 12*12 spray pump is made of high grade, virgin and industrial plastic (PP) which is strong and durable. • It has a tank capacity of 20 liters. • On a full charge, it runs up to 2 hours and provides up to 15 full tank spray. • It has a 100PSI motor with an output capacity of 3.5 liters per minute. • Neptune 12*12 pumps come with a 3 feet adjustable stainless steel lance. • It comes with 3 types of nozzles option that provide uniform spraying as per nature of the crop & crop height. • It comes with a sturdy 1.7 A charger.
  • Charging indicator: Red: While charging, Blue: Full charge (On Charger)
  • Pump Air dry run Problem: While running the pump for the first time, if there is no water coming out of the hose but only air, follow the steps below. 1. Open the water outlet cap 2. tightly connect the hose pipe to the outlet 3. Fill half the tank with clean water 4. Turn the switch on and suck the air out of the hose pipe till the water starts to flow normally.
  • Accessories: Belt set, Charger, Hose Pipe, Clutch, Lance, Nozzle set, Washers
  • Maintenance: • Keep the pump battery fully charged. • Always wash the battery pump with clean water after use to prevent accumulation of dirt in it. • Store it in a safe dry place and discharge and charge every 15 days to help maintain the capacity of the battery pump. • Always mix solution in separate tank & then add into pump tank by using filter only.