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Mulch-IT (3.25 FEET X 400 METER X 25 MICRON) - Pack of 2

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Key Points

Guaranteed Virgin Material, Sunblock, Anti-Sulphur Technology, UV- Stabilised Sheet, All Weather Resistant, Premium Multi-Layered Sheet, Tested Quality Mulch
Provides Extra Strength & Purety of Plastic. Impure Plastic does not get mixed with soil. Maintain the soil temperature & Reduction of Weed Germination. Maintainance of Soil PH Level. Prevents Soil erosion Pesticide leaching out. Reduces evaporation of water and pesticides. Minimizes the impact of Sulphur Spray on the mulching. Protects roots from Harmful UV Rays which destroys crop. Sheet is Compatible for all Weather in India. Multi-Layer sheet enhances the Durability of Mulch. Quality Tested in Government lab ensuring transparent Business.
Product benefit
Less chances of sudden tear & Wear, Unpolluted soil ensures Long Term Cost Saving, Saves time and labour cost in removing weeds, Increases yield of fruits & vegetables, Saves water and fertiliser cost, Less Usage of water,Fertilizer and Pesticides, Tearing due to Sulphur impact is minimised and long life of the product is ensured, Healthy Roots promotes faster Growth,& Farmer gets Better Market Price, Protects Crop from impact of change in weather, Increase the life of mulch,Ensures cleaner vegetables, maintains quality & beauty of fruits for high market price, Farmer trust and confidence on the Product, Transparent Business,
25 microns
3.2 feet
400 meters
Approx 8-10 Rolls per Acre
Black & Silver
UV Protected
Manufacturer Country
Manufacturing defect should be reported within 5 days from date of delivery, before using the product