MP Eagle Wheat Lok 1 CF (40 Kg) Seed CPCN Combo
Brand: Agrostar Poshan Suraksha Combo

Key Points

  • Products Available in Kit: Power grow Agronil GR (Fipronil 0.3% Gr) 5kg X 1 UNIT Humic power Advanced powder 95% (250 Gms) X 4 UNIT Eagle - Wheat Lok 1 CF (40 Kg) Seed X 1 UNIT Power Grow Zynx (Zn-39.5% SC) - 250 ml X 1 UNIT Claudius(Clodinafop Propargyl 15%WP) 160g X 1 UNIT
  • Extra description: In the initial stage after cultivation of Wheat is a critical period of crop growth. Crops are affected due to infestation of Pest like Termites and weeds In the initial stage after cultivation of wheat is a critical period of crop growth This has a direct effect on crop yield we have prepared a special treatment for this. This treatment consists of one Insecticide,Wheat seeds 40 kg ( Eagle Wheat Seed- Lok 1 CF), two crop nutrient and one herbicide this treatment protects the crop from Pest and weeds and promotes healthy and nutritious growth of the crop.
  • Applicable crops: Wheat
  • Spectrum: Power grow Agronil GR : Termites ;Humic Power Advance Powder: Improve seed germination and seedling growth and root growth: Power Grow Zynx : It contains the highest concentration of available Zn.It has a long lasting feeding effect.Zn is involved in formation of Chlorophyll and carbohydrate.It promotes formation of auxins , which helps in growth regulation and stem elongation ; Claudius:Claudius is recommended as post emergence herbicide i.e. 30-35 days after sowing of wheat or when grassy weeds are of 3-4 leaf stage)
  • Method of application: Spray
  • Dosage: Power grow Agronil GR : 5 kg /acre;Humic Power Advance Powder: 500gm/acre; Power Grow Zynx : 200 ml / acre; Claudius:160 gm/acre
  • Chemical composition: Power grow Agronil GR : Fipronil 0.3% Gr;Humic Power Advance Powder:Humic Acid 95%;Power Grow Zynx:Zn-39.5% Sc;Claudius:Clodinafop Propargyl 15% WP
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