Agrostar Poshan Suraksha Combo
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MH Cotton Suraksha KIT 2022

Key Points

  • Products Available in Kit: Shutter (Thiamethoxam 75%) 100 gm X 1 UNIT Perpendi (Pendimethalin 30% EC) 1 litre X 1 UNIT Root power (200 Gms) X 3 UNIT
  • Extra description: We have prepared a special treatment for you to control Jassids,aphids This treatment has one insecticide and one crop nutrients and one herbicide which is keep weedfree of cotton crop and enhances the white root growth and healthy growth of the cotton.
  • Applicable crops: Cotton
  • Spectrum: Shutter:Jassid and Aphid;Root power:enhance the white root growth;Perpendi:controls both, narrow and broad leaf weeds.
  • Method of application: Spray
  • Dosage: Shutter:100gm/acre;Root power:400 gm/acre;Perpendi:1000 - 1200 ml /acre
  • Chemical composition: Shutter:Thiamethoxam 75%SG;Root power:Humic 65%; Fulvic 15%;Perpendi: Pendimethalin 30% EC