Kan Biosys
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Kan Biosys Taba (Gibbrellic Acid 0.001% L ) 1 litre

Key Points

  • Chemical composition: Gibberellic acid 0.001%.
  • Dosage: 30 ml/pump
  • Method of application: Spray
  • Spectrum: Increase photosynthesis ,boot flowering and fruting,reduses flower and fruit fall, increases yield and quality
  • Compatibility: Compatible with most pesticides
  • Applicable crops: All Crops
  • Extra description: Helps crop overcome herbicide stress. Improves vigor, vitality and yeild after exposure to biotic, abiotic stress
  • Special Remark: The information offered here is for reference only and depends exclusively on soil type and climatic conditions. Always refer to product labels and accompanying leaflets for complete product details and directions for use.