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Gladiator Mist Blower Gun

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Key Points

1. Please connect the hose pipe of the battery spray pump to one end of the connector by using a washer. 2. Join the other end of the connector to the Gun inlet tightly. 3. Then attach the plug of the gun in the charging socket of the battery spray pump. 4. Then switch on both the power buttons on the Gun and Battery spray pump, and start spraying.
In the Box
Mist gun with wire, Gun to Hose pipe connector, extra nozzle, washers
· Always tighten all the connections before and while spraying. · Please ensure to switch off the power button of the Gun after spraying is done. · Please avoid direct contact to the running fan. · Always wear a safety kit while spraying. · Always fully charge the battery spray pump before using Gladiator mist blower Gun.
Battery backup
Gladiator mist blower gun can empty 5 tanks with a fully charged 12*12 battery & and 3 tanks with a fully charged 12*8 battery (Tank capacity 16 liters).
Required Voltage
Fan Speed
Up to 9000 RPM
Wind Speed
21-23 m/s
72 W
1 (One) Month warranty for manufacturing defects only.Missing and damage related queries should be notified within 5 days from the date of delivery. Warranty will be provided against manufacturing defects not for mishandling by customers.
· Gladiator mist blower gun can be attached to any type of battery pump. · Gladiator mist blower gun atomises the water droplets and distributes the spray into uniform and efficient micro droplets. · The spray from the Gladiator mist blower gun covers more area and hence reduces the spraying time and labor cost. · Gladiator mist blower gun optimizes the agri-input consumption. · Gladiator mist blower gun increases the effectiveness of crop protection and nutrition molecules. · It covers upto 8 feet area at a time, 4 feet on left side and 4 feet on right side.
Mist gun with wire, Gun to Hose pipe connector, extra nozzle, washers