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Gladiator Battery Pump GL108 (12*8)
6.2 Kg
Brand: Gladiator
Key Points
  • Pump capacity: 16 litres
  • Battery Type: 12 Vlt 8 Ah
  • Spraying capacity: 20 rounds with full pressure and after that pressure will decrease continuously
  • Nozzles: 5 types of nozzle and nozzle, In-line filter to prevent jam in
  • Lance type: Stainless steel telescopic lance with brass connector whose length can be changed from 1.5 ft to 3 ft.
  • Safety Kit: Free safety kit with gloves, mask and goggle. Please note that this is not the part of pump. It comes separately with pump; free of cost
  • Manufacturer warranty: 6 Months replacement warranty only on battery for manufacturing defects only. Missing accessories should notified within 5 days from the date of delivery. Warranty will be provided against manufacturing defects not for mishandling by customers.
  • Accessories: Hose pipe, clutch, Lance, Nozzle set, Free Safety kit, Free LED Bulb
  • Maintenance: Keep the pump battery fully charged. Always wash the battery pump with clean water after use to prevent accumulation of dirt in it. Keep it in a safe place. And also let it run for some time so that there is no accumulation of dirt in it. This will help in increasing the capacity of the battery pump. Please charge the pump twice in a month while not in use or offseason. It requires 10 to 12 hours for full charge. Always mix solution in separate tank & then add into pump tank by using filter only.
  • Product USPs: This Battery Spray pump is made of high grade industrial plastic (PP) which is strong and durable. It has 16 litres of tank capacity. It sprays 20 to 25 pumps or upto 3 hours after full charging. We give free safety kit from Agrostar with Pumps which includes Mask, Goggle & hand gloves. We give 5 types nozzles & extra washers with Gladiator Pump which you can use according to your cropping pattern & crop height. We also give free LED bulb which helps in night. We use original Gladiator battery and Gladiator motor with Pump. Gladiator gives uniform spraying and avoids unnecessary usage of chemicals. Sprayig lance comes wih brass connector which you can extend upto 3 ft from 1.5ft.
  • Country of Origin: Made in PRC
  • Trigger method: On-off plastic trigger
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