GJ COTTON BRAMHASTRA KIT (कॉटन ब्रम्हास्त्र किट)
Brand: Agrostar Poshan Suraksha Combo

Key Points

  • Products Available in Kit: Heliox (Profenophos 40% + Cypermethrin 4% EC) 1 litre X 1 Arex 505 (Chlorpyriphos 50% + Cypermethrin 5% EC) 1 Litre X 1 Kill X (Thiamethoxam 12.6% + Lambdacyhalothrin 9.5% ZC) 200 ml X 1 ADONIX - Pyriproxyfen 05%+Diafenthiuron 25%SE 250 ml X 1 Agronil X (Fipronil 5% SC) 500 ml X 1 Mandoz (Mancozeb 63% + Carbendazim 12% WP) 500 gm X 2 Hexza (Hexaconaozle 5% SC) 1 Litre X 1 Cooper 1 (Copper Oxychloride 50% WG) 500 g X 1 Power Grow BT Special 500 gm X 2 Peak Booster (Triacontanol 0.1% EW) 1 L X 1 Power Grow Florence - 500 ml X 1 HOLD ON (Alpha Naphthyl Acetic Acid 4.5% SL) 100 ml X 1
  • Extra description: We have prepared a special treatment for you to control Bollworm Jassids,aphids, thrips,whitefly,anthracnose,alternaria leaf spot,Root rot,wilt This treatment has five insecticide, three fungicide and four crop nutrients which is increasing flower setting and increasing the yield and uniform and early maturity in crops in cotton and healthy growth of the cotton crop.
  • Applicable crops: Cotton
  • Spectrum: Heliox: Bollworm complex ; Arex 505: Aphid, Jassids, Thrips, Whitefly, Spodoptera litura, Spotted bollworm,Pink Bollworm, American bollworm ; Kill X :Jassid, Aphid ,Thrips , Stem borer, Leaf eating caterpiller,Fruit borer, Bollworm ; ADONIX :Bollworms,whitefly; Agronil X : Thrips, aphid ; Mandoz: Anthracnose,Alternaria leaf spot,Root rot,wilt; Hexza: Powdery mildew,Blight; Cooper 1: Anthracnose; Power Grow BT Special: It increases the size and thickness of leaves.It increases the size and thickness of leaves and t increases the size of the ball and improves the quality of cotton; Peak Booster: For increasing the yield and uniform and early maturity in crops; Power Grow Florence:Healthier growth, more robust plant,Increases flowering and fruit colour; HOLD ON : Prevents natural shedding of Flower, buds and fruits
  • Method of application: Spray
  • Dosage: Heliox:30 ml/Pump; Arex 505: 30 ml/Pump; Kill X :80 ml/Acre ; ADONIX :30 ml/Pump ;Agronil X :35-40 ml/pump ; Mandoz: 30 gm/pump:Hexza: 30 ml/pump; Cooper 1: 35-40 gm/pump;Power Grow BT Special: 15-30 ml/Pump; Peak Booster: 25- 30 ml/pump; Power Grow Florence: 25- 30 ml/pump; HOLD ON : 5 ml/Pump
  • Chemical composition: Heliox:Profenophos 40% + Cypermethrin 4% EC; Arex 505: Chlorpyriphos 50% + Cypermethrin 5% EC; Kill X :Thiamethoxam 12.6% + Lambdacyhalothrin 9.5% ZC; ADONIX : Pyriproxyfen 05%+Diafenthiuron 25%SE ;Agronil X :Fipronil 5% SC ; Mandoz: Mancozeb 63% + Carbendazim 12% WP:Hexza: Hexaconaozle 5% SC; Cooper 1: Copper Oxychloride 50% WG;Power Grow BT Special:Each 500 gm BT Special Contains:Mineralized Bio available calcium:400 gm(as caco3);Biochar:15 gMin w/w;Potassium:10 g min w/w as K2CO3;mineralized bio available magnesium:10 g min;Performance enhancer and inert solubilizer:65 gm max; Peak Booster: Triacontanol 0.1% EW; Power Grow Florence: Each 500 gm florence Contains:Fulvic acid extract:200 gm min(2%Humus analytical);Potash as k20:10 g min;blend of amino acids:15 g min;Performance enhancerand natural solubilizer 275 g max; HOLD ON : Alpha Naphthyl Acetic Acid 4.5% SL
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