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Excel Xscalent (Drip System Antiscalent) 1 kg

Key Points

  • Chemical composition: Mixture of Complexing agents
  • Dosage: 1 kg Xscalent in drip system for 1 acre of land
  • Method of application: Through drip
  • Spectrum: Xscalent does not allow formation of scale inside the drip system if at all formed it is able to remove the scale no scale formation takes if non regular use scale formation is not notices
  • Compatibility: Xscalent compatible with all agricultural input
  • Duration of effect: 72 hours for a through cleaning.
  • Frequency of application: 3-4 times depending of TDS of water and scale formation
  • Applicable crops: Fruits and vegetables crop
  • Extra description: Xscalent concept product specifically designed to adress the problem of scale formation on drip pipe line leading to choking of drip outlet the plugging of emmitters is one of the most serious problem associated with drip irrigation emmitter plugging can severely hamper water appication
  • Special Remark: 1. use friendly application 2. assured water dispensing 3.can be used present of standing crop is the field 4. safe to soil health 5.Dripper blocks are not noticed on regular use