Dupont Fertera (Rynaxyppyr 0.4% Gr) 4 Kg
Brand: FMC



Key Points

  • Chemical composition: Chlorantraniliprole 0.4% GR
  • Dosage: Rice: 4 kg /acre; Sugarcane 7.5 kg/acre.
  • Method of application: Broadcasting
  • Spectrum: Rice (Paddy): Yellow stem borer, Leaf folder; Sugarcane: Early shoot borer, Top borer
  • Compatibility: Compatibility with fertilizer
  • Duration of effect: long duration protection
  • Frequency of application: Depends on pest incidence or severity of disease.
  • Applicable crops: Sugarcane,Rice
  • Extra description: When used early in the pest life cycle, Ferterra prevents the buildup of pest population and maximizes the crop yield potential.
  • Special Remark: Due to excellent control of Stem borer in Rice, it ensures greater crop health and high yield potential Excellent control against Early shoot borer and Top borer in Sugarcane crop protects growers from incurring losses due to low crop yield and thereby maximizing output
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