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BuzzZap - Solar Insect killer

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Key Points

Warranty details
Please report manufacturing defects within 5 days of the delivery and before using the product. Will have 6 months warranty only Spare parts can be replaced
Built material
Product USP
1. BuzzZap is a Made in India solar insect trap. 2. BuzzZap is the only solar trap with a Single Controlling Microchip operating system. 3. BuzzZap is a fully automatic solar insect trap. 4. BuzzZap used high quality batteries and all other electrical and electronic material. 5. BuzzZap uses a special purpose Pv controlling / charging system which supports low light battery charging. 6. BuzzZap is the only solar trap in the market with easy installation and low maintenance. 7. BuzzZap is equipped with a rain sensor. 8. BuzzZap is the only solar light insect killer which is MADE IN INDIA.
Product benefit
1. BuzzZap special purpose lamp, attracts flying phototropic pests / insects and kills them. 2. BuzzZap reduces the use of insecticides by killing the flying pests / insects and controlling the spread. 3. With a regular use of BuzzZap, flying pests / insects can be controlled for a long duration of time. 4. BuzzZap is effective on 1800 different insects. 5. BuzzZap can be installed in all crops, vegetables, fruits, tea plantations and coffee with assured results in controlling enemy insects. 6. With precise and auto working timings, BuzzZap rarely kills friend insects keeping the nature intact. 7. With reduction in infected agricultural produce, BuzzZap helps farmers with improved output.
Care and maintenance
1. Regular cleaning of the solar panel. 2. Regular cleaning of the tray.
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