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Biosens Tuta Absoluta - 1 Unit

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Key Points

Chemical composition
Tomato Leaf Miner Lure
12-16 traps/Acre
Method of application
Place the Lure/Dispenser in the lure holder of water trap/ funnel trap/Sleeve trap and place the trap at various locations in the field. Traps should be placed in shaded areas. One lure per trap should be used.One lure would last up to 60 days depending upon climatic conditions. The trapping density should be adequate to manage pest infestation.
Duration of effect
Lure is effective for 60 days.
Applicable crops
Extra description
Tuta lure used as attractant of Tomato leaf miner (Tuta absoluta) in Tomato to trap them for monitoring and mass trapping. This is found to reduce the intensity of pest incidence, leading to a reduction in crop damage, thereby improving the yield / output quality.
Special Remark
● Dispensers should be kept away from sunlight in a dry and cool place. ● OPen the pouch just only before the placement in the trap lure holder. ● The product expiry date is 1 years from production.