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Biosens (FAW+Insect funnel Trap) 5 units Combo-2024

( 100% सूट )
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महत्वाचे गुणधर्म:

कॉम्बो मध्ये उपलब्ध उत्पादन
Biosens FAW Lure X 5 UNIT Insect Funnel Trap X 5 UNIT
Biosens FAW Lure:Z-7 Dodecenyl acetate, Z-9 Tetradecenyl acetate & Z-11 Hexadecenyl acetate;Insect Funnel Trap:Lure
Biosens FAW Lure:12-16 traps/Acre;Insect Funnel Trap:15-16 funnel traps per acre
वापरण्याची पद्धत
This one Lure/Dispenser should be placed in the one funnel trap and place the trap in the field at various locations in the field just above the canopy level of the crop. Lure may last up to 30 days depending upon climatic conditions
Biosens FAW Lure: Attractant of Fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda) adult moths; Insect Funnel Trap: Mass trapping pests like Pink Bollworm, Brinjal Fruit & Shoot Borer, Rice Yellow Stem Borer , Fall Armyworm , Tobacco Caterpillar , Sugarcane Stalk Borer , Sugarcane Top Borer , Sugarcane Early Shoot Borer , Spiny Bollworm , Spotted Bollworm , Black Cutworm, Beet Armyworm , Striped Stem Borer & Pink Stem Borer .
पिकांसाठी लागू
Maize, Millets, Rice,Brinjal
अतिरिक्त माहिती
We have prepared a special treatment for you to control Fall armyworm,Bollworm, Brinjal Fruit & Shoot Borer, Rice Yellow Stem Borer, Fall Armyworm, and Efficient monitoring of pest in crop. It helps monitor pest attack and economic threshold level, thereby helping farmers take sprays when it is most useful. and to trap them for monitoring and mass trapping. This is found to reduce the intensity of pest incidence,leading to a reduction in crop damage thereby improving the yields / output quality