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Anchor Canvas Tarpaulin 11*14

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Key Points

  • Special Remark: Strong aluminum eyelets are fixed at every 1 Meter with holes of 28 mm diameter with extra reinforcement at all four corners.
  • Main features: Double row lock stitching with 5 ply strong thread
  • Extra description: ANCHOR - 100% Waterproof Cotton Canvas Tarpaulins, natural properties of cotton make them the safest and sturdiest of all Tarpaulins
  • Maintenance: 1. Tarpaulin should be free from sharp edges, roots and hard rocks visible to the unaided eye. 2. Rough handling / dragging of the Tarpaulin should be avoided. 3. The Tarpaulin should be spread in a phased manner from one end to another and necessary anchoring and sandwiching to be done gradually as the sheet is being spread. 4. Proper care to be taken to protect the Tarpaulin from crabs, rats, and other insects/pests/rodents etc. as they can damage the material. 5. No repairing will be done for damages made due to external forces and warranty will be void.
  • Product Features: Fabricated from mill made cotton cloth fabric only
  • Manufacturer warranty: 5 days replacement warranty against leakage of water droplets from the sheet if the sheet is not damaged physically such as bruise, cut, hole or stitch. Warranty is given against the following, if notified within five days from the date of delivery and without using the sheet 1. For any manufacturing defect- cut 2. For any manufacturing defect- hole 3. For any manufacturing defect- breakage Warranty of the product will null and void against the following: 1. The Tarpaulin is damaged physically. 2. The Tarpaulin is repaired, modified, dissembled without our knowledge.
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