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Animal HusbandryVeterinary Science Centre, Anand Agricultural University.
Why should we take care the pre-calving period?
For milch animals, cows and buffaloes should be able to calve every 13 or 14 months and healthy calves should be born. For this, after 3-4 months of calving period, the animals should come in heat again and get pregnant after 1-2 times of fertilization. In the last three months of pre-calving period 1. The animal should not remain in water for longer time, or should not move in the hilly or bumpy areas, it is particularly important because it may damage the reproductive tract or uterus of animal due to the movements of fetus. It may also lead to difficult delivery or there is possibility of death occurs both mother animal and fetus. 2. Do not give such food to animals, due to which they suffer from bloating. 3. If there is a pre-partum prolapse (protrusion of one or more urogenital structures before the time of delivery), then the animal should be taken to a veterinarian and take a veterinarian suggestion accordingly. 4. If there is a history of pre-partum prolapse in an animal, then tie it in such a way that its front legs remain in a slope.
5. The last three months of calving period in cows-buffaloes are critical. The animal has to take care of itself as well as the growing fetus. Therefore, during this time, it requires nutritious food (mineral, dry-green fodder with salt mixture) in adequate quantity, proper cleaning of the cattle shed and should provide the special treatment to the animal. Reference: Veterinary Science Centre, Anand Agricultural University. If you find this information useful, click on the yellow thumbs up sign under the photo and also share this with your farmer friends using the options given below.
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