Weed Management in Cotton Crop
Advisory ArticleApni Kheti
Weed Management in Cotton Crop
Weeds pose serious threat due to wide spaced crop. A weed free period of 50-60 days from sowing is necessary for good yield otherwise it may cause 60%-80% reduction in yields. Manual, mechanical, and chemical methods of weed control in combination is necessary for effective weed control. Perform first manual hoeing 5-6 weeks after sowing or before first irrigation. After each irrigation, the remaining hoeing should be performed. Do not allow congress grass to grow around cotton farms as they boost the potential for mealy bug infestation. To control weeds after sowing, but before its emergence, take spray of Pendimethalin @ 25-33 ml/10 litre of water. Apply Paraquat (Gramoxone) 24% WSC @500 ml/acre or Glyphosate @1 litre/acre in 100 litre of water, 6 to 8 week after sowing when crop is 40-45 cm in height. Crop is highly sensitive to the 2,4-D weedicide. Its vapours can cause serious damage to cotton even if sprayed in adjoining farms. Spraying of herbicide should be carried out either during the morning hours or in the evening. Source: Apni Kheti
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