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Weed Control Spray with Local Jugaad
• This video shows how to control weed control safely. • Weeds in the crop have to be controlled very carefully with herbicide medicines.
• For this, with the help of an iron pipe, make a rectangle with a size of 1.5 * 1.5. Take a 3-inch flywheel below the rectangle, which is easily and cheaply available from the market. Leaving this wheel 6 inches in front of the importer is attached by a bar rod. • Put plastic polyethylene which is more connected on the outside of the importer and tie it with wire. • Apply by making handle with about 1 inch of pipe. Spray with the sprinkler pipe securely. Source: Indian Farmer If you found this video useful, then click on the yellow thumb to Like and do not forget to Share it with farmer friends!
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