We live in an agrarian country!
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We live in an agrarian country!
If ever a discussion arises about farming in India, it is always said with certainty that 'India is an agrarian nation.' It is a phrase valued by people of all generations. However, how deeply does anyone feel for an agrarian economy is something I recently experienced in Europe. My colleagues and I recently got the opportunity to spend some time for training in the Netherlands, Europe. During my one week stay here, I had the privilege of seeing and experiencing many things. Since the objective of the visit was to train on the latest technologies in agriculture, we got to meet many agri-experts, farmers, and farm workers. Through these interactions, I learned that the Dutch people are incredibly disciplined, silent and work loving people. During the last day of this visit, we visited a five star hotel and came across a board. What appeared as mere words warmed my heart and raised few questions in my mind. The board read “This breakfast supports our Dutch (European) farmers and their communities” and this board was surrounded by containers comprising fruits, tomatoes, cucumber salads, green vegetables and several dairy products (such as buttermilk, curd, butter), including several fruit juices, honey and other such food supplies. There were similar messages like “The output presented here are all locally grown, no artificial sugar has been used in them, and all packaging is environmentally sustainable.” Some phrases were written on behalf of the farm from where the hotel procured these goods. “We create spaces for those people in the society who are away from their homes for their jobs. People working here love their jobs and are extremely committed make the most delicious and good quality food for our patrons.” At the bottom, it was also written that, “The next generation needs to remember that the relationship between healthy food, farmers and farms is very strong and needs to stay unaffected forever.” Friends, this is a very small phrase, but it does provoke and raise awareness in society. Reading this it made me feel that consumers and farmers have very little rights or justice in our nation. So, are we really an agrarian country? We as a country are driven by endless ideas, but are we good in implementing such thoughts? Is farm yield really healthy and safe? Are we producing toxic food? Do consumers value the produce of the farmers? Are the buyers of highly low-priced vegetables from the handcart and footpath socially aware of buying expensive products such as clothes, shoes and cosmetics from the air-conditioned malls? Take a note of this scenario, shouldn't we transform our selves accordingly or just remain convinced that we are an agrarian land? It is expected that this article will be effective to both the citizens of the agrarian economy and to recognize that agriculture is the root. This applies to two categories of people; first, individuals who accept the reality that India is an agrarian country, they need to understand precisely what an agrarian country should be like and second, for people who do not agree it to be an agrarian nation, this article may prove helpful. Source: Tejas Kolhe, Senior Agronomist AgroStar Center of Excellence
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