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Vermicompost Improves Immune System of Plants
Combine sugarcane, vegetable, field waste, and other materials to prepare 1.5 m wide, 0.9 m high turf. For each cubic meter, leave 350 mature worms. Humidity should be maintained between 40 and 50% at a temperature of 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. Build a shed using bamboo and wood to prevent the water from evaporating. Sprinkle water twice a day in summer and once in winter time on the grass bed. To consume the waste materials, worms enter the depth of the bed, and discharge black excreta, which is used as a fertilizer. After black manure has been formed, add a liter of vermicompost to a liter of potassium mobiliser culture. Do not sprinkle water for three to four days due to the absence of earth walls in the light as they are at the bottom of the bedrock. For all crops, usually 5 - 6 tonnes of vermicompost can be used.
Advantages - 1. It can be used for all land types. 2. It is effective for cultivation. 3. It provides the crops with all nutrients. 4. It increases the soil's ability to hold the excess water. 5. It improves the immune system for plants. 6. It helps to reduce pesticide usage. 7. It increases crop productivity and enhances colour, taste, radiance, and luminosity. 8. It helps lower chemical fertilizer costs. 9. The quantity of nitrogen in the vermicomial fertilizer is five times the number of phosphorus and seven times the number of potash. Reference - Agrostar Agronomy Center Excellence
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