Use of Drone Technology in Crop Protection
Guru GyaanAgroStar Agronomy Centre of Excellence
Use of Drone Technology in Crop Protection
 Currently farmers are spraying insecticides in the field through man-made pumps or tractor drwon sprayers or machine-operated pumps.  New technology is forthcoming which can estimate the pests and diseases and also extent of damage in crop plants. With this developing technology, the insecticides can be sprayed, the technology that is being developed is called Drone Technology.  A drone is a type of unmanned aircraft, and ones used in agriculture is known as Agricultural Drones.  Such drones include fixed cameras, video recorders, hyperspectral cameras, sensors, etc.  Drones can spray the pesticides or weedicides in precisely.  Photos or images clicked by the drone are further analysed by a specially designed software and information on pest & diseases including their intensity can be obtained.  Eary forecasting of pests & diseases can be made with the help of drone technology.  Spraying of pesticides that can harm humans can be easily done with the drones.  With the help of drones, spraying can be done at any height of the crop. Spraying will be possible tall crops such as, sugarcane and coconut.  With this technology, pesticidal cost/ labour cost/ water requirement can be reduced.
 Very effective and uniformly sprayed can be made by the drones.  It is easy to spray on crops grown on sloppy soil or in hilly areas.  At the time of outbreak of insect pests and cover the large area, the pesticides can be sprayed in a large area in a shorter time.  In future, it can be possible to release the predators & parasited multiplied in laboratory which is not possible by human agencies.  Alongside of these advantages, currenlty this technoloyg is expensive and has limted use, but over the time, it will become economical. Source : AgroStar Agronomy Center Excellence If you found this information useful, don’t forget to Like and Share it with your farmer friends.
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