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Trichoderma (friendly fungus)
Trichoderma is a friendly fungus that offers biological resistance to underground enemy fungi, which spreads harmful diseases in crops. It prevents root/collar/stem red/wilt diseases in crops such as cotton, pulses, oilseeds, and vegetables. It prevents the spread of fungal diseases in the soil. Trichoderma is a long-term efficient, beneficial, non-polluting, biologically safe fungicide for animals and humans. Seed treatment/soil treatment is done
by mixing with seeds/natural fertilizers. Treat one acre of land by mixing 1 kg of Trichoderma culture in 25 kg of natural manure. Storage: Store in a cool and airy place. Use Period: Use within 120 days of the date of formation. Caution: Do not treat seed with chemicals before or after trichodermic treatment. AgroStar Agronomy Center Of Excellence
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