Trap crops within Vegetable crops
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Trap crops within Vegetable crops
• In Tomato crop, attack of fruit borer larva is observed in large proportion. To control the fruit borer larvae, cultivate maize around the tomato crop. So, the infestation of larvae would be reduced. Similarly, in tomato crop, if marigold is planted in rows, then larvae as well as spreading of nematodes also restricted. • In cabbage family vegetables, if mustard rows are planted with specific spacing, then attack of leaf eating pests like diamondback moth can be controlled. To achieve this, sow the mustard15 to 20 days before cultivation of the cabbage family vegetable crops. Attack of the larvae on mustard crop can be controlled by spraying insecticides. • It is far beneficial to cultivate marigold as trap crop in the main crop of brinjal, as it controls pod borer larva and nematodes effectively.
• Around any vegetable crop, if black eyed beans are cultivated, then it protects the main crop from the attack of insect aphids. These insect aphids get attracted on the black eyed beans crop. While cultivating the trap crops • Trap crops should not be planted dense, rather it should be cultivated with specific spacing. • Between the rows of the main crops, trap crops should be cultivated keeping specific distance. So that the controlling of the pests on the crops can be done easily. Agrostar Agronomy Center Excellence
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