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This unique machine will make powerful manure in a few hours with fresh dung!
Gobar is considered very useful in farming. It performs fertilizer work in the fields. In this series, fresh cow dung will work in the fields of farmers in Bijnor of Uttar Pradesh, because a farmer has installed a machine to make manure from cow dung. Through this machine, fresh cow dung fertilizer will be available to the farmers. In this way, farmers will also be encouraged to do organic farming. The fertility of the farm will increase The fertility of the fields decreases with the use of chemical fertilizer, but the fertilizer of cow dung maintains the fertility of the land. Compost made of cow dung is considered good for the farmers' fields, but it is not available with the farmer all the time, because it takes about 3 to 6 months to make manure from cow dung. If manure is not ready, then the farmer puts raw dung in the field. Due to this, the farm does not get the full benefit of manure. Along with this, there is also a dose of raw manure termite. Due to this, there is a fear of termites in the field, which is very harmful for crops. In such a situation, the farmer has solved a big problem by making this machine. Compost will be made in a few hours This machine will make compost from cow dung in a few hours. With this, farmers will be able to do organic farming and will be able to mix fresh manure in their fields immediately. Explain that according to the need or nature of the crop, nutrients are made from bacteria. This is how the machine works The farmer says that firstly dung is poured into the pits and mixed with bacterial water. With this, other elements including phosphorus and nitrogen are replenished. If there is a termite in the field, metaragium is added to prevent it. This prepared solution is poured into the machine. If 10 quintal dung is added to the machine, then 3 quintal of manure can be obtained from it. The remaining 70 percent will be sterilized / water. This water is full of all the nutrients, which are put in the field. Only 40 kg of fertilizer will be available in one bigha For the sake of information, let us know that without carbon, no manure has any effect and carbon is found in manure made from cow dung. Generally, 3 to 4 months old garbage has less carbon. Such fertilizer has to be put in 50 to 60 quintals per bigha land. Apart from this, manure made from earthworms has to be put only 6 quintals in a bigha land. But only 40 kg per bigha has to be added to the fertilizer made from this machine. Income of farmers will increase Through this machine, farmers are getting a chance to join organic farming. With this, all the nutritional needs of the farm can be met. In this way the cost of farming will come down, as well as the income of farmers will increase. Source: Krishi jagran, 22 Oct 2020, If you feel this information is useful to you, like and share it with your friends.
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