Success StoryHello Kisan
This is the success story of Viborji, a 23-year-old youngster
• Viborji is a native of Jaipur and is a dairy farmer. • Doctor recommended A2 milk and ghee from the cow of the native breed and explained the benefits. • This youngster visited Gujarat for a year and gathered information about the Gir cow breed. • He has got 80 Gir cows. • He delivers milk to the house and prepares ghee with the excess milk. Ghee costs Rs 2,500 per kg, while milk is sold at Rs 91 per litre. • Ready milk and ghee are packed in the bottle and delivered to the customer. • Young cows are fed seasonal green fodder and dry fodder. Reference: Hello Kisan If yes, then watch this video to get more benefits and share the information your friends.
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