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Monsoon SamacharAgriculture Weather Expert - Shri. Ramchandra Sable
The weather will be cloudy this week
The weather will be cloudy this week in Maharashtra. At the same time, the rainfall will be minimal. Air pressure in Mumbai, Nashik, Palghar, Thane, Nandurbar area will be as low as 1004 hectopascal on August 27 and 28. This week's rainfall will be affected. Where there is low air pressure, there will be light to moderate rainfall. Also, in areas where the air pressure is high, it will be open to cloudy weather and rain. Agricultural advice: 1. The compost fertilizer can be prepared by collecting the remnants of all these previous crop crops in the field 2. In a small timespan, vegetable crops should be sown. It can be harvested in a short time by taking crops like coriander, fenugreek, cilantro, spinach and chawlai 3. Land should be pre-prepared for sowing kadai and rabi sorghum 4. The large stem from the standing crop should be removed 5. Animal Diseases - Get vaccinated and treated 6. Care should be taken on pomegranate oils, while in Guava it is possible to increase the incidence of bees 7. As the rains recede, the spread of this worm on the beans and other crops that feed on beans should be controlled References - Dr. Senior agricultural climate expert Ramchandra Sable
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