The relation between fertilizers & irrigation with incidence of insect pests
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The relation between fertilizers & irrigation with incidence of insect pests
• The population and incidence of insect pests in any crop can be reduce by using well decomposed FYM/ compost/ vermicompost at the time of soil preparation. • Instead of above organic fertilizers, neem cake or castor cake can also be used. On using these kind of cakes, termites problem reamin under controlled. • Use only the recommended doses of fertilizers. Excess and frequent application of nitrogenous fertilizers increase the population of insect pests e.g. brown plant hoppers and leaf folders in paddy crop. • Instead of using urea fertilizer, using of amonium sulphate in a split doses reduces the brown plant hoppers in rice crop. • Application of phosphorus and potash fertilizers increases the strengh & viour of plants and reduces the losses due to insect pests. • The infestationi of aphids in pulses remain lower in plots having lower irrigation than the plots having adequate irrigation. • The incidence of stem borer and whitefly is generally more in sugarcane crop having high irrigation. Follow irrigation as per the need and on critical stages and save water. • Exessive use of fertilizers and irrigation increasing the vegetative growth of the crop beyond the need of the crop, which increases the infestation insect pests lives on leaves. • Avoid water-logged condition of paddy field constantly. Periodically drain out the paddy field for managing the paddy leaf hoppers. • Giving a light irrigation to a crop like wheat reduces the infestation of termite infestation. • Drip irrigation in orchard helps in maintaing the level of insect pests instead of giving flood irrigation. • The incidence of tomato fruit borer is generally remain lower in field having drip irrigation instead of sprikler irrigation. • Extending the irrigation period in crops like okra, reduces the damage caused by fruit borer. • If there is no much more disadvantages, giving of one heavy irrigation can reduce the damage caused by rats and squirrels in the field.
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