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The Modi government will give 3.75 lakh rupees to farmers for soil testing lab!
New Delhi. The central government has formulated a scheme in which young farmers can earn by establishing Soil Testing Lab in villages. It costs Rs 5 lakh to set up the lab, of which the government will give 75 per cent, ie Rs 3.75 lakh. Of this, 60 percent will be received from the center and 40 percent subsidy from the respective state government. Out of the money that the government will give, 2.5 lakh rupees will be spent on purchasing test machines, chemicals and other necessary things to run the lab. Purchase of computer, printer, scanner, GPS will cost one lakh rupees. 300 per sample is being provided by the government for soil sampling, testing and providing soil health cards. Youths, farmers or other organizations desirous of building a lab can make a proposal in the district's Deputy Director of Agriculture, Joint Director office. For this, you can contact website or on More information can also be obtained by contacting Kisan Call Center (1800-180-1551). It is the effort of the government that farmers should get the facility to test the soil in their village. Also, rural youth should get employment. Under this scheme, rural youth and farmers whose age is 18 to 40 years, can create a mini-testing laboratory at the village level. Self-help groups, farmers cooperative societies and Farmers Producer Organizations (FPO) will also get help on setting up a laboratory. Start working like this Soil investigation laboratories can be started in two ways. In the first method, the laboratory can be opened by renting a shop. Apart from this, there are other labs that can be moved around. Which is called MOBILE SOIL TESTING VAN. In the first method, the businessman will examine such soil which will be sent or brought by someone in his laboratory and after that his report will be sent to the customer by taking an e-mail or print out. However, the second option can be quite beneficial compared to the first, so as far as investment in it is concerned, it is more than the first option. A lot of laboratories are needed There are 7949 small and big labs in the country, which can be said to be inadequate in terms of farmers and agriculture. The government has approved 10,845 laboratories. Vinod Anand, the founding member of the National Farmers Federation, says that there are 14.5 crore farmer families across the country. In such a situation, such labs will not work. There are about 6.5 lakh villages in India. In such a situation, if we look at the current number, there is a lab on 82 villages. So at least 2 lakh laboratories are needed at this time. Source: News 18, 02 Sep 2020, If you feel this information is useful to you, like and share it with your friends.
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