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The Modi government is giving 15 lakh rupees for making FPO, know how to get benefit!
Every effort is being made by the Central Government to make India self-reliant. Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a special economic package for self-reliant India. FPO started The central government has started making 10,000 FPOs. All the farmers who used to be productive till now, can now start any business related to agriculture. This FPO will help them completely. According to Union Minister of State for Agriculture, Kailash Chaudhary About 30 lakh farmers will get direct benefits from this scheme. Through FPO, farmers will be able to sell their produce at a reasonable price. At least 1 FPO will be created in every block of about 100 districts across the country. FPOs will also be able to get loans of up to 2 crore rupees on credit guarantee by the government. Along with this, the organization will also be given an equity grant of up to Rs 15 lakh. By the year 2024, about 10 thousand FPOs will be done through this scheme. For this, 6865 crore rupees have been allocated by the government. This is how FPO will be formed To form a farmer producer organization, first a group of farmers will have to be formed. This group must have at least 11 members. After this, registration has to be done under the Companies Act. Then you will get a amount of 15 lakh rupees The company will be seen working for 3 years after becoming an FPO. After this, NABARD Consultancy Services will give the rating. If the FPO is passed in this rating, then the Modi government will provide the amount of 15 lakh rupees. It is mandatory for the area to have at least 300 farmers attached to 1 FPO. With this, 100 farmers should be connected. You will get support here If the farmers want to make FPO, then you can contact the National Agriculture and Rural Development Bank, Small Farmers Agricultural Trade Association and National Cooperative Development Corporation office. Source: - Krishi Jagaran, 19 May 2020 If you feel this information is useful to you, like it and share it with your friends.
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