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The government is coming up with another scheme for farmers, you will get Rs. 5000 💸!
Krishi VaartaNews18
The government is coming up with another scheme for farmers, you will get Rs. 5000 💸!
New Delhi. The Modi government announced another good news to farmers. Apart from the help of Rs 6000 under the Prime Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme, there is also a preparation to give Rs 5000. This money will be available for fertilizer, because instead of subsidizing the big fertilizer companies, the government wants to give benefits directly in the hands of farmers. The Agricultural Costs and Prices Commission (CACP-Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices) has recommended the central government to give cash directly to the farmers as fertilizer subsidy of Rs 5000 annually. The commission wants farmers to be paid in two installments of Rs 2,500. The first installment should be given before the commencement of the Kharif crop and at the beginning of the second Rabi. If the central government accepts the recommendation, then the farmers will have more cash, because the subsidy money will come directly into their account. At present, the system of fertilizer subsidy given to companies is a victim of corruption. Every year, there is a shortage of fertilizer due to cooperatives and corrupt agricultural officials, and eventually farmers are forced to buy at a higher rate from traders and blacks. The central government is considering giving subsidies of fertilizer directly to the farmers in their bank account through direct benefit transfer (DBT). Farmers advice on fertilizer subsidy Binod Anand, the founding member of the National Farmers Federation, says that it will be good if the government ends the fertilizer subsidy and gives all its money to the farmers account according to the area. But if the subsidy is abolished and the money is used elsewhere, the farmers will go against it. Every year, 14.5 crore farmers can be given 6-6 thousand rupees as much money goes to companies in the form of fertilizer subsidy. Under the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme, the central government has bank accounts and records of their farming of about 11 crore farmers in the country. If the unique ID of all the farmers is made, then subsidy distribution will become very easy according to the area. How much money is spent on fertilizer subsidy? The government makes about 80 thousand crore rupees annually for fertilizer subsidy. In 2019-20, fertilizer subsidy of Rs 69418.85 was given. Of which the share of indigenous urea is Rs 43,050 crore. Apart from this, government assistance of 14049 crore rupees was given separately on imported urea. Six public sector companies, 2 co-operatives and 37 private companies received this support. Source: News 18, 22 oct 2020, If you feel this information is useful to you, like 👍 and share it with your friends.