Krishi VaartaLokmat
The ability to predict the weather increased
Mumbai: Due to the use of the modern system, over the last few years, the forecasting area has been reduced from about 200 km to 12 km. With the help of a Doppler-radar, it can accurately predict where and how much rain will be received in the next two hours. According to Krishnanand Hoslikar, deputy director of the Mumbai Regional Meteorological Department, the meteorological forecast system will have a 'megacity forecasts system' and will enable the meteorological department to predict the weather accurately. At the same time, the Indian Meteorological Department has been functioning for five years and no one has any information that the meteorological department has a stock of the information for the year, he added. The Meteorological Department is installing 1 Doppler radar across the country and till now around 6 of them have been installed. Sources - Lokmat, 10 August 2019
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