Termites in Horticultural Crops
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Termites in Horticultural Crops
 The termites’ queen lives very deep in the soil. The emerging workers only damage the horticultural crops.  The termites live away from the light in soil and harm the roots system of plants and feed on organic matter in soil.  Termites make mud galleries on tree trunk, remaining in it and feed the bark/trunk surface.  It also enters into the middle portion of the tree trunk from the wounds present on trunk or from the broken twigs/branches and feed the internal matters.  Infested trees/plants periodically dry off.  Termites severely damage the orchard nurseries.  Destroy the termateria made by the termites from the boundaries of the orchard.  Deep ploughing of the orchard in summer to destroy the termites in the soil.  If intercrop is being undertaken in orchard, destroy the residues of crops after harvest.  Use only well decompose FYM. Better to use organic fertilizer made from the earthworms.  Apply neem or castor cake in the soil around the plants, which will protect against the termites.
 Dig out the termateria made by the termites and pour chlorpyriphos 20 EC @ 250 ml per 10 lit of water which kill the all stages of termite’s viz., workers, soldiers, queen, etc.  Apply chlorpyriphos 20 EC @ 50 ml per 10 lit of water on new plantation. Drench the same around the seedlings in the soil. Repeat the same after 6 months also.  Cultivate the soil around the tree and reduce the interval between two irrigation in orchard. Article Source : AgroStar Agronomy Center Excellence If you found this information useful, don’t forget to Like and Share it with your farmer friends.
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