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Krishi VaartaOutlook Agriculture
Sugar Production upsurges by 8.15% compared to last year
In the first four months of the current crushing season 2018-19 (October to September), sugar production has increased by 8.15% to 185.19 lakh tonnes whereas during the last crushing season only 171.23 lakh tonnes was produced. According to the Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA), in the current season, sugar mills had started crushing sugar cane beforehand, resulting in more production than last year, but total production is expected to decrease by 5% to 6% from 325 lakh tons last year. According to ISMA, the total sugar production in the current crushing season is estimated at 307 lakh tons. Sugar production in Maharashtra, the major producer state, has increased by 12.07% to 70.70 lakh tonnes by January 31. In Uttar Pradesh, however, 53.36 lakh tonnes of sugar were produced during the current crushing season, which is slightly below 53.98 lakh tonnes during the same crushing season. In the
current crushing season, the rate of sugar cane recovery in the state has increased. In the current crushing season, the recovery rate of sugar cane in the state has increased 0.81% more than in the previous year. At the same time, sugar production increased by 24.71% to 33.40 lakh tonnes, until 31 January in the current crushing season in Karnataka. Source - Outlook Agriculture, 05 February 2019
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