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Sowing of Coarse Cereals along with Wheat Increased in Rabi
Sowing of coarse cereals has increased, along with wheat, the main Rabi crop, but the sowing of pulses is still lagging. According to the Agriculture Ministry, sowing of crops has increased to 418.47 lakh hectare in the current Rabi, which is more than 413.36 lakh hectare in the same period last year. Sowing of wheat, the main Rabi crop, has increased to 202.54 lakh hectare in the current season whereas till last year, it was sown in 194.21 lakh hectare. Pulses have been sown in 105.16 lakh hectares in the current season, while pulses were sown in 111.90 lakh hectares by this time last year. Sowing of gram, the main crop of Rabi pulses, has been reduced from 76.54 lakh hectare last year to 71.77 lakh hectare. Lentil sowing has been done in 12.12 lakh hectares in Rabi and 7.24 lakh hectares of peas, while till last year this time they
had been sown in 13.53 and 7.51 lakh hectare respectively. Black and green gram have been sown in 3.69 and 1.09 lakh hectare respectively, while till last year, they were sown in 3 and 1.15 lakh hectare respectively. Source: Outlook Agriculture, 6 December 2019 If you find this information useful, click on the yellow thumb impression below the photo and share it with your farmer friends through the options below.
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