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Solar Pump Yojana: Solar Pumps to be Installed on Wells & Tubewells
Since the past few years, the demand for solar panels has increased rapidly in India. Moreover, banks are also providing loans in easy installments for solar panels. Every farmer including small businessmen can now connect with this scheme and make good income by generating electricity. Krishi Vidyut Connection Now farmers are applying for the application of 'Krishi Vidyut Connection' in Jaipur, Jodhpur and Ajmer Discom to get solar pumps installed in the Horticulture Department. The government has also given the option to install solar pumps at subsidy to the farmers who are withdrawn from waiting for electricity connection under the Kusum scheme. This year, more than 50 thousand farmers have started sowing the crop by installing solar pumps in their fields. Connection to solar and electricity is preferred Energy Minister BD said that earlier tube wells and wells were run only through electricity, but now solar pumps are also irrigating the fields. He said that we have written to the Central Government about getting loans from NABARD to farmers under the Kusum Yojana. Now solar pump can be installed along with electricity connection Under the Kusum scheme, farmers with electricity connections will also be provided with solar pumps. Where a 10 HP motor is installed, a solar pump will be installed at a cost of 5 lakhs. In this, the farmer will give 10% cash. At the same time, 30% will be paid by bank loan. The remaining 60% will be provided through subsidy from the Central and State Government. In this, the farmer will also be able to sell the surplus power made in the solar pump at Rs 3.44 per unit by connecting the grid to DISCOM. So that the bank installment can be given. Now farmers will be able to irrigate during the day At present, farmers are supplied electricity in three blocks. Due to the power supply in the night block, irrigation has to be done at night. Many times farmers die due to snake and insect bites. For this reason, farmers have been demanding electricity from the past several years. The solar plant near the grid sub-station and the installation of solar pumps at the well will provide electricity to most farmers during the day. Source: Krishi jagran, 06 Sep 2020, If you feel this information is useful to you, like and share it with your friends.
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