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Solar Dryer will Prevent Drying of Vegetables in Minimal Sunlight
The solar dryer machine, which was prepared for just Rs. 19,000, can dry peas, bitter gourds, cabbage, leaf cabbage etc. in just one day; it also works in less sunlight. A 'Solar Dryer' machine has been prepared by 'BHU Krishi Vigyan Sansthan' to prevent drying of vegetables and can be stored for the off-season. Farmers can profit even during the off-season by selling these vegetables. The machine will be distributed among the farmers under the centre’s scheme, and they will also be trained. At the Institute of Agricultural Sciences, BHU, Professor J.S. Bohra said the trend of sun-drying food particles is an ancient one. However, it is not possible to dry several things together due to issues such as dirt, sudden rains, pests and worms that can cause spoilage. While this solar dryer can easily dry 10 to 12 kg of vegetable.
Functioning of Solar Dryer The solar dryer functionally converts sunlight into hot air and sends it to the chamber through the solar energy equipped with solar panels. There's a fan transmitting hot air as well; glass is installed to prevent dirt from entering the dryer. In this machine, dry peas, bitter gourd, cabbage, cabbage, etc. can be dried in just one day. Solar Dryer Machine is prepared in just Rs. 19,000 under the scheme 'National Mission of Sustainable Agriculture.' This machine also works in minimal sunlight and in heavy winter. Sources - Krishi Jagran, March 29, 2019 If you find this information useful, click on the yellow thumbs up sign under the photo and also share this with your farmer friends using the options given below.
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