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Silage is Nutritious to Animals!
Make silage management where green fodder is available to a large extent. To make silage, select monocotyledon crop because it contains high rates of carbohydrate and sugar. Attributable to this, yeast formation is improved. Maize crop is recommended for silage. Silage Making Method: • Silage can be made from sorghum, millet, and maize, and also from lucerne grass and berseem. • Cut the forage into small pieces. Make a pit in the ground of size 2.4 to 3.0 meters deep, or a 10 to 12 feet tall tank can be built to save the mortar. When making the pit, select the land on the high place, as it is necessary to streamline the drainage correctly. • To prepare good quality silage, sprinkle 1 to 1.5% of jaggery water. Spray 1% of urea on monocotyledon crops. • To ensure that air does not enter the fodder, press correctly and fill the fodder. There are chances of fungal growth if the air enters. • When the pit is well filled, cover it with plastic paper and spread grass or hay over it. It takes about 55 to 60 days to prepare good silage.
Silage Feeding Method:_x000D_ Feed daily 10-15 kg of silage to milch animals. _x000D_ Combine silage with dry fodder, as cattle can easily consume this._x000D_ Source – Agrowon
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