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Selection of nozzle at the time of spraying of chemicals in crops
Proper selection of the nozzle at the time of spraying chemicals in the crop is very important. The nozzle determines the amount of spray fluid that spreads over a defined area, the uniformity of spray fluid, the amount of drug. For better results, let us know which nozzle to use when spraying chemicals. Hollow cone nozzles: - This type of nozzle is commonly used for spraying pesticides and fungicides. This type of nozzle is used in a manually operated spray machine. Double Swirl Duro Nozzle: - It has two nozzles like the hollow cone nozzle, sprays over a large area in a short time, spraying can be done easily on the upper and lower surface of the leaves. This type of nozzle is used in a manually operated spray machine for extensive spraying. Flat Fan Nozzle: - This nozzle is mainly used in spraying weedicide or herbicide. This nozzle is used to protect the main crop from damage while spraying the weedicide. The droplet size is slightly larger than the nozzle to obtain better results of the chemicals. By using this nozzle, chemicals drop on the targeted area. Single swivel nozzles: - This nozzle is used for high spraying rates with high speed, as it sprays over a wide area with wide angles. It can be used between 0 - 180 degree angle. Floodjet nozzles: - These are ideal for high spraying rate and speed, as it is sprayed with a wide angle. Typically, the area sprayed by the floodjet is not the same as the flat-fan type.
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