Selection and Preparation of Farm for Mustard
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Selection and Preparation of Farm for Mustard
Loam and light loam soil are suitable for mustard. Good drainage soil which is not saline and alkaline is okay. It can also be sown in light poorer land. Taramira has been found to be more suitable in place of mustard in sandy soil having less moisture. Mustard is cultivated in both rainfed and irrigated conditions. The farm should not cultivate in Kharif for rainfed farming. Do the first ploughing in rainy season with soil rotating plough. Periodically, do 4-6 intercultural operations according to the condition of the field. For irrigated farming start the land Preparation 3 to 4 weeks before sowing.
Where the soil is alkaline and alkaline-saline or the water of the well is alkaline, add 5 mesh Gypsum powder in the field and do ploughing in the month of May, and mix well, make ridges (Doliya) in the field so that the rain water can be filled and the salts can go down. After this, in the first fortnight of October, prepare the field and sow the mustard. Use Gypsum every third year.
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