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Scientific Treatment of Cattle in summer
In this article we will get to know about protecting animals from heat. By making some changes to the shed: I. Through this the cattle can be protected directly in front of the sunlight for a long time. During the day, keeping the animal in a shed made of cow dung-roof avoids direct sunlight. II. Planting grass, small plants around the shed relieves the animal from the heat. III. At night, place the animal in a fence.
Water spraying: I. The body temperature of the animal can be reduced by spraying water on its body during the summer season. Spray in the shed three to four times between 11 and 3 in the morning. Large dairy farms can be sprayed by applying fountains. By changing animal diet: Animals should be given food in cold conditions, proof of race in food should be given low and best grade diet. Source: AgroStar Animal Husbandry Expert Did you find this information useful? Then Like and Share it with your farmer friends.
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